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Don’t Forget to Ask Your Doctor…

Connecting with a Reproductive Endocrinologist is a crucial step in your fertility journey, but the first visit can feel a little overwhelming. Be better prepared by reviewing these “Questions for the Doctor” and bringing them along.

Demystifying Infertility

Stories of Hope: Testimonials

Injection Instructional Videos

Delivering medication through a shot at home might not be as daunting as you think. These videos don’t replace the training provided by healthcare professionals.

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Savings Programs

Compassionate Care Application – online and print

Compassionate Care Participating Pharmacies – link

Compassionate Corps Application – print

Compassionate Corps Participating Centers – link

GO Direct Mail-in Rebate – print

Insurance Forms

Pre-Authorization Forms: Benefits and Drug Coverage

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Helpful Brochures

“In the Know: What No One Tells You About Fertility” (for women) - Download

“In the Know: What No One Tells You About Male Fertility” - Download

“In the Know: What No One Tells You About Fertility & Your Jewish Faith” - Download

“In the Know: What No One Tells You About Family Building Options for LGBTQ Couples” - Download

“Combating Infertility During Military Service” - Download

“Emotional Support for Someone Going Through Fertility Treatment” - Download

“Fertility 101 Flipbook” - Download

Compassionate Care Post Card- English

Support Groups

There are many organizations committed to providing support and patient advocacy throughout the fertility journey.

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Working Mothers’ Panel with Rosie Pope

How Fertility-Friendly is Your State?

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